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Scenic Road RV Park Rules:

  1. PEACE AND QUIET: Quiet time is 10 PM to 8 AM. Please be considerate of your neighbors at all times. As a courtesy, do not walk through other people’s sites. Driving through an unoccupied site can cause damage to underground telephone, plumbing, and electrical lines and is not permitted. Violators will be responsible for repair costs. ATVs and Motorcycles are to be driven in and out of the park. No joy riding. For safety and to keep the dust down, the speed limit is 5MPH. Only YOU can prevent speed bumps. Please do not drive over or park on the concrete patio pads.

  2. RENTS AND ARRIVALS: Please register upon arrival, including seasonal residents and those with site reservations. Rent is payable in advance and covers two adults. Check in time is 3 p.m. Arriving RVs will be escorted to their site. Check out time is 11 a.m. Deposits and rents are not refundable for any reason, including, but not limited to, early departures. Rents and deposits are not transferable. Please notify the office when overnight guests arrive. The guest fee is $2.00 per night per guest, for a maximum of 30 days.

  3. ANIMALS: Although we realize how important pets can be, we must consider the close proximity of neighbors in an RV community. Dogs of all sizes are welcome (over 25lbs ok). Pets must be kept on leashes or in your RV. Pets should not be left tied up outside unattended. Owners must clean up after their pets immediately. Doggie bags are available at the north end of the park at the wash entrance. No pets are allowed in any park building. Do not allow your pets in any site other than your own unless they are invited. Do not leave your animal alone in your RV if there is a chance he or she will cause a disturbance while you are away. No Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans or other aggressive dogs are allowed for obvious insurance reasons. Two pets are permitted per space, three with management approval. Please do not feed the park’s wild residents. Food on the ground attracts snakes and is not allowed.

  4. SITE SELECTION: Our policy is that seasonal reservations take priority over shorter stays. Seasonal guests may reserve a specific site and have a shed and/or steps on site year round. Although requests for specific sites by others will be accommodated as possible, please understand that they cannot be guaranteed.

  5. CONDUCT: Unruly behavior is not tolerated. If you own firearms or weapons, including pellet or BB guns, they must not leave your RV. By statute, there is no smoking allowed within 20’ of public buildings. This is extremely important at the restrooms which utilize a propane water heater. We encourage smokers to use the provided butt cans and not litter. Fireworks are prohibited. You may not operate a business from your site. Alcohol is not permitted at clubhouse functions without the permission of park management. Fires are only allowed in management approved metal enclosures with constant supervision.

  6. UTILITIES: We recommend the use of a surge protector for your electrical hookup due to power fluctuations in the area. Electric meters are read on the last day of each month, and payment is due on the first day of the month. If not paid by the fifth of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be charged; if not paid by the tenth of the month, the late fee will be $15.00. See the park owners if you wish to drive any stakes in the ground. They can hit underground wiring buried at various levels and cause damage. All RVs must have airtight screw-on sewer caps. All RV sites are wired for phone service. To obtain service, contact TDS at 1-888-CALL-TDS. Upon receiving your phone line, please notify the office of your number. See the office if you need propane delivered to your site. Do not remove the backflow valve located on each site’s spigot.

  7. SELLING: Any RV or mobile home that is sold or transferred must have the prior approval of the management if it is to remain on park property. Rents are not transferable. Sub-letting or rental of your unit is not allowed.

  8. LIMITATIONS: Any RV that is fifteen (15) years or older must have the approval of management prior to being placed on park property. Current vehicle registration is required on all vehicles. We do not accept pop-up tent trailers, converted buses or horse trailers. Tent camping is not permitted.

  9. MAIL: We cannot accept mail in our post office box, forwarded or otherwise, addressed to park residents. However, if you wish to have any packages mailed to you at the park via UPS, Fed Ex, or another carrier, please speak to us. With the proper form, the office can accept packages.

  10. SITE APPEARANCE/RV REPAIRS: Residents are required to keep their sites clean, neat, and uncluttered at all times. Only one RV is allowed per site. One shed per site is allowed with the approval of management for seasonal guests. Sheds may be wired with prior approval only. RV sites may not erect permanent structures. Trailer storage is available for $10/mo. No clotheslines are allowed on your site. Lines are provided behind the office for RVs and behind M3 for mobile homes. Only minor emergency RV repairs are allowed at your site. No lube, oil changes, body work or painting is allowed in the park.

  11. WASHING: Water is both precious and expensive in the desert. Please conserve when possible. Use of washers are not permitted in RVs. Washing of RVs, autos, and ATVs is not allowed. Vehicle and Pet wash area use available for $1-$3 by the Laundromat. Please see the office if you would like access to this amenity.

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